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  About Us...
Store Front We design and manufacture propellers! Our manufacturing capabilities range from eighteen inch Military Unmanned Aerial Vehicles to thirty foot, ten-blade, NASA Wind Tunnel Propellers. However, the majority of our propellers are for high performance aircraft in the 100-300 horsepower range. PAC is considered a major manufacturer in prototype propeller design and manufacturing through out the world.

Glassair Each propeller is unique. Even though we stock common Experimental Aircraft and Unmanned Aircraft Vehicle propellers the majority of our propellers are designed for your specific application. Our program and design consideration require a few parameters to help us match your performance goals. The basic parameters required will be: HORSEPOWER, RPM, and AIRSPEED. These parameters must all be determined at a full throttle level flight condition. This will determine the performance dimensions of the propeller. The physical dimensions are considered next, such as: Tractor or Pusher, Max Allowable Diameter, etc. When these parameters have been determined, the propeller will be hand carved or machined using our modern computer carving equipment.

The propeller is a major component in enhancing the performance of your aircraft. A properly designed and manufactured propeller will promote maximum aircraft performance, decrease operating cost, operate smoothly, and provide an enjoyable carefree flying experience. We have proven expertise to match the propeller to your application.

Prince Aircraft is a trustworthy company. We have been designing and manufacturing propellers for over 25 years. With nearly 7,000 great performing propellers in use throughout the world, our customers consider their purchase to be an investment of great performance, appearance, reliability with peace of mind.

Purchasing from us, an established manufacturer, with a dedicated full time facility and employees, ensures peace of mind; knowing the product is reliable, innovative, and a company that will be available for future service and repairs.

Purchasing a propeller is more than looking for the lowest purchase price. Manufacturers vary widely in areas of experience, reliability, performance, quality, and the satisfaction expected after the sale. We have pride in our company and have earned a great reputation for excellent products and service. We want to be your propeller manufacturer and will work hard to earn your business.

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